Pics Show Mid-surgery Party At South Korean Clinic –

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30 (UPI) — A plastic surgery clinic in the South Korean capital is under investigation after pictures were posted online showing an apparent mid-operation birthday party. Health authorities in Seoul said they are investigating the Jewelry Plastic Surgery Center in the affluent Gangnam district after a nurse assistant posted pictures to her Instagram account showing an apparent birthday party featuring cookies, hamburgers and a cake with lit candles in an operating room while a patient was unconscious on the table. Another photo from the Instagram account, which has since been deleted, featured a female worker jokingly holding a breast implant up to her own chest. ‘ ‘ ” , , ” #
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Doctors Party During Surgery While Patient Lay Unconscious, Shared Photos On Instagram [Photos]

Nameer Haider, an interventional pain specialist. In December, Haider did a presentation at the North American Neuromodulation Conference on a procedure he invented the Halo 360 Procedure that treats severe migraines that havent responded to reliable plastic surgery doctors other treatments by implanting a neurostimulator to block pain. This procedure will become more common in 2015, he said. And an external stimulator, approved last year, will come on the market this year, providing another potential treatment, he said. Were talking about a total change in their demeanor, disposition, the way they interact with their families, he said. So, its a remarkable improvement. Spine surgery Less invasive spine surgery will reduce patient pain and suffering, blood loss, infection rates, the length of hospital stays and spinal instability caused by the surgery, predicted Dr.
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The Secret to Aesthetic Facial Rejuvenation as Revealed by San Diego Plastic Surgeon – Yahoo Finance

But, thats not all! Theres one last photo where the entire surgical staff is seen eating hamburgers while the patient still lays unconscious. Needless to say, many viewers werent pleased with what they saw. Now, the cosmetic clinic is under investigation, reports the Mirror . On Monday, Dec. 29, a spokeswoman from the Gangnam districts public health department in Seoul released a statement in reference to the incident and the investigative plans going forward.
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More health advances predicted locally for 2015 – News – Uticaod – Utica, NY

Scott Miller has been performing procedures at his San Diego plastic surgery practice for more than 15 years. The combination of experience and training has allowed him to employ innovative surgical techniques that can offer improved results for his patients. Having completed a fellowship under Dr. Bruce Connell, a world-renowned facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Miller has become well versed in creating aesthetic results that appear natural and balanced. The key, he says, is the concept of procedural customization.
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